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Re: Good Question about Horsepower

There is a good article by Csaba Csere in July issue of "Car and Driver"
magazine. It's called "Power is power, right?" and it answers your question
to some degree.
'88 5KCDTQ (Canadian)  301K km (186K mi)
Wireless 2000 Engineering Advisory Group

> But my real question is here is not HOW horsepower works, but who is
> accurate?  Seems as though when my friends and I talk he is always
> about this 195 Horsepower car and laugh at my 164hps car.  But his car is
> Japanese and mine is German.  So who is accurate?
> JIS and SAE and german(not sure what this is) likes to use difference
> of measuring horsepower but when they import it in the US they do another
> test on the cars.  So who has the right horsepower?
> Jason C
> 89 200t10v
> Redmond WA