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Tips on removing type 44 alternator?

Greetings all,

Here I am in the northern part of Wyoming, visiting my girlfriends
parents, when the bearings in my 1989 200q's alternator start to make ugly
noises and it starts eating belts as we're climbing through assorted
mountain ranges.

As luck would have it, I do have a spare alternator in the car, but I
can't get that damned rear bolt out.  (At the top where it attaches to the
mounting bracket at the side of the block.)

I have tried going in from the front with a crowsfoot, up from the bottom
with a stubby 17mm, but I just can't get the thing to budge.  I can't fit
a socket or anything bigger in there because the turbo oil line is fouling

Anybody have any hints or tricks that they can pass on?  I would have a
full alternator-ectomy done on the side of the road in less than 45
minutes if I had been able to get that last bolt out.  My luck continued 
to hold as I did have a spare belt for a 4kq/GT (yes, I know it's too
long!) in the trunk which got me that last 130 miles.

Help me out!  This is _not_ the impression that I wanted to make on
Andrea's mother!  ;-)

low on voltage in Wyoming,


'85 turbo GT coupe
'89 80q
'89 200q  (running around w/o it's front bumper)