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4-bolt to 5-bolt conversion

anybody have any experience converting from 4- to 5-bolt pattern?  i just 
put 4 new rotors on my 1990 80Q, so i don't want to change those - plus 
the hassle would be great, i imagine.  here's where the real question starts:

i used to be into porsche 914's, and in some of the aftermarket 
catalogues, they sold metal discs that bolted onto your rotors and 
allowed you to use a different bolt pattern. i'm wondering if anybody has 
made these in the past, knows of a place that sells them, or has a reason 
why it would not be a good idea to make them.

thanks a lot, and just think: one day i will have asked so many questions 
that i may actually be able to answer somebody else's!

-  joe-still-feeling-like-the-new-guy-guy
1990 80Q 138k - sleeping tight under the car cover and dreaming of mt. 
washington next year.