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A trip to the scrappers'

Our local breakers have been banned from dealing with the public because
of new EU regulations.

After a fair bit of negotiation and paperwork, I've managed to get the
UK Audi quattro Owners Club accepted as a bona fide 'commercial' user,
so I now have access to about five Type 44s currently being broken up,
and about ten Audi 80s and similar.

Prices are quite good.  A 50,000 mile alternator was $16, and a check
unit and wiring harness (443 919 465E) from an Audi 100 cost the same.

I now have a good connector pair that fit the MAC12D - so it's off to
fabricate a break-out box for the ECU.

Now the question - does anyone happen to know the part number for the
little (female) pins in the 25-way connector?  There are four
unpopulated slots and I'd like to propagate all 25 signals.

The connector number is 443 972 953 - it's also an AMP 927056/927057.

The male connector mounted on the board is, BTW, AMP 827127.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 0870 0883933