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re:90Q Sunroof Problem et al

Greetings! My 1993 90 Q Sport has a few problems that I'd like to
1) The power sunroof toggle switch no longer "clicks" off when fully
closed:  The sunroof has 2 open modes: sliding back fully or pivoting up
at the rear edge.  Normally, when it is fully open, pushing the toggle
control will close it and the roof stops moving when fully closed.  Then
if the toggle is pushed again in the same direction the roof will open
up in the other mode i.e. pivot up.  The problem I have is that the roof
no longer stops when it is reaches the closed point but continues to
move into the open up by pivot mode.  This means I have to take my
finger off the toggle switch at precisely the point at which the roof
reaches fully closed.  Any BTDTs?
2) Intermittent water temp guage function: Since I had the monkeys do
the KS fuel injector recall last week, the temp guage has been working
on an intermittent basis only.  Before I do battle with the dealer on
this, can someone tell me whether the two are likely related or is it
just co-incidence?  Also is there something I can tighten up to get the
guage working properly again (what, where, how)?
3) Power locks: the locks all work fine, but when doing the central
locking, the rear passenger side lock makes a very audible
metallic-sounding click and looks like it is struggling to lock.  I
think this started a few months back.  I've opened up the door panel and
cheched things out and lubricated the lock: all appears OK to the
untrained eye. Any BTDTs?
4) Finally, just a request from those who have gone before:  The car has
86,000 kms ( 54,000 miles) on it - very low for a 1993, but I don't
drive much.  I'm wondering whether to hang onto it for another 3 years
or so or sell it now.  My question is: what significant
repairs/replacements are typical in the 55,000 to 100,000 mile range for
a 1993 90 Q Sport? (I've done new battery, tyres, brake pads, ignition
switch and coolant reservoir in the last couple of years.  Oh yeah, and
repaired the rear speakers - thanks again, Elliott!).
Many thanks.  Please reply direct and cc the list if you feel it
1993 90 Q Sport