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Re: Tie Rod Part Question

That part (threaded on each end and employed in adjusting) is not
identified as a stand-alone part in my reading of our favorite
hummmmmm-along CD.   It's included as part of the entire tie rod assembly,
which is 811 419 802K for left and 893 419 802 for right.   This assembly
includes also the tie rod ends, which are available separately, along with
the nuts that tighten down against the tie rod end and the tie rod itself
after adjustments are made.  So they list the nuts that go on the threaded
piece you're looking for, but they do not assign a separate part number to
the threaded piece.

Kneale Brownson

At 08:16 PM 7/5/99 -0500, mikesoft wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone knows whether the tie Rod adjusting sleeve/end 
>that is located between the tie rod end and the tie rod is available as a 
>part on its own. I noticed today that mine were bent and probably so as 
>a result of an incompetent mech or reckless driving on the part of the 
>the previous owner. And despite a front end alignment, there wasn't
>much difference. If anyone knows the part number, I would very much 
>appreciate it if you could let me know what it might be or whether it 
>can be bought as an independent unit. From the looks  of it, I will need 
>to have both the right and the left connector/sleeve replaced. Thanks
>Mike Theuri
>88 80Q