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Re: Vacuum port DIA needed.

Igor wrote:
>I kinda knew that you'll be the first one to answer, but _this_ soon,
>a holiday? Thanks much! :-)

Yes, you caught me just before I was heading out to blow up the
neighborhood for the 4th of July. Nothing like a  mix of Food, Beer and
>It appears that the later brain has the same 5mm barb as the early

I checked the fitting size on the S4/S6 ECU vacuum/boost port with a more
accurate set of vernier calipers, and the port OD is 0.182 inches which is
closer to 4.6-4.7mm. The Mac11 ECU vacuum/boost port is larger at 0.250
inches which is about 6.35mm. I have run across a similar frustration when
connecting test gauges to these systems as I never have right size hose or
tee fittings laying around at the time I need them.

Scott  Mockry