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Re: Attn: Canadian Listers: AC question

I suspect that R12 is probably just as expensive up here.  I haven't
checked recently but freon production was basically halted in North
America... including Canada.

But you would probably have better luck asking a local Audi dealership.
I'm not sure where you're at but you may want to check:


for a dealer near you.


At 01:52 PM 7/5/99 -0400, Kurt Wesseling wrote:
>Can you still buy R-12 freon in Canada, or has your government also decided
>that the entire world will be destroyed if we use any more of the stuff?
> I'm in Maine and the local PEP boys guy just told me R-12 is $2.20 per
>OUNCE!  Apparently it's ok for them to have it, but not for a regular
>earth-destroying sap like myself to have it.
> I'm seriously considering driving across the border if it's still sold up
>Please reply directly.
> Thanks,
> --Kurt
> 89 200 TQ