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let project 4ktq begin!!!

Just picked up my 87 5ktq parts car today and some how managed to
actually make it
home without being picked up by the police for having 
1. No headlights
2.Expired Inspection sticker and
3.No plates
yes I know, dangerous and stupid to drive the car even a short distance
but hey, I made it (flame suit on!).  

Anyway, this begins my journey into the land of 200+ horsepower where no
NA I5 dares go..  I'm just in the "take pictures and figure out what the
heck I'm going to do" stage, but it's a start.  I'll probably be asking
tons of questions along the way, especially to those who have BTDT on the
4ktq end of things.  Also, I'll have tons of good 5ktq parts for sale to
help recoup costs, so e-mail me with needs.

87 4kcsq  awaiting turbo
87 5ktq   parts car