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200q alt is out!

My thanks to all of you who responded with different suggestions about how
to get the alternator out of my '89 200q as I vacation here in northern

Future tip to all is:

If you are having problems getting at that rear bolt on the alternator,
don't take the chance of rounding it off, just drop the whole mounting
bracket off of the side of the engine block!  It's just two 17mm and one
13mm bolts and you can get at them quite easily with a box wrench if
you've pulled the intercooler out.  (two minutes well spent!)

Once I decided on this course of action, the alternator was out of the car
in less than five minutes.  Then it took a bunch of grunting, swearing,
and almost snapping my 18" breaker bar to get that bolt out.  I honestly
don't think I would have managed it still in the car.

Thanks all.  Now I'm officially going back on vacation.  There's a Black
Widow stout with my name on it on the back porch!  ;-)



'85 turbo GT coupe
'89 80q
'89 200q  (wow, this is what 14volts feels like!)