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Re: US/Euro Lights


As I read your response to my post, it occurs to me that you are 
talking about the light distribution and performance.

I was referring to the similarities between DOT and eurospec 
headlights, in that they both get warm and cool off similarly, hence 
it's not necessarily a no-no to put Stongard on eurolites.  My 
comment was in response to someone saying that eurolights will 
crack if you put Stongard on them.  I was saying that since the 
eurolights are better because of light distribution and not 
necessarily higher wattage bulbs and the higher heat dissipation 
requirements, that any problems faced by eurolites are also faced 
by DOT lights..

I wasn't talking about going to a higher wattage bulb in a DOT light. 
 I know there's no substitute for euros.



apowell@ezlink.com wrote:
> "Ken Keith" said:
> > 
> > I don't equate eurolites to increased wattage or heat generation.  I
> > equate eurolites to better light distribution and focus.
> Correct.  Achieved by two things:  good reflector, and good LENS.
> > You could probably cause the same problems by putting high 
> > wattage bulbs in a DOT headlamp, couldn't you?
> No.  See item #2 above.  US lenses are designed poorly and the 
> lens will defeat any such attempt.  since the US lenses diffuse 
> light, adding watts to them only adds more diffused, poorly aimed 
> light.  No improvement in distance or pattern.  (There may be 
> reflector focal point differences as well -can't attest to it.)  If you 
> look at a US lens and a Euro-lens, the differences are visually 
> apparent.
> > 
> > I have heard that european lenses are leaded crystal, and perhaps 
> > that's the reason.  Someone please confirm this is that is the case.
> It's not the material - it's the lens flutes and clear areas which focus 
> light.
> > Ken
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