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FW: Desperat call for help

Perhaps someone on help Paul out.

-Mark Nelson

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From: Pl Rune Viken [mailto:prv@merivaara.no]
Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 3:02 AM
To: tahoe@msn.com
Subject: Desperat call for help


I'm in desperat search for a official paper wich approoves the Audi (UR-)
Quattro (type 85, 1981 to 1985) for 230 hp or more. Original for this car is
200hp, and I want to tune it.
A paper from TV or Audi would of course be the perfect thing, but
everything is interesting.

This is a serious project wich aims at glory on car-meetings and articles in
auto-magazines. Because it's serious I must also have the correct number of
hp in the registration papers.
Please reply to this mail or forward it to somebody that you think maybe can
help me.
I'm of course willing to pay for such papers if somebody can supply them. If
such papers also demand a modification to the brakes etc. then it is of
course ok.
In advance: Thank you for your help. Any answer is appreciated.

Best regards from
Paul Rune Viken