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Re: A/C Condensor

Don't know if the 10v and 20v are the same, But I recently found new a new
condenser for a 10v for $250 from 1-800-VW PARTS.  I looked high and low for
a used one.  Didn't think of asking for one on the list though, odd...

I didn't buy one yet, the AC got bumped down the priority list, but that was
defiantly the best price I could find and I think new is not a bad idea on
this part.  I did find two used ones, but they both leaked at the bracket on
the bottom which supports the connection to the hose.  The leaks were due to
corrosion (Aluminum, steel, wet salty roads, and vibration are not a good

Good luck with the condenser.

Torbjorn Bergstrom

'90 90
'87 5ks
'85 vw gti (for sale)
'88 pont. lemans  (for sale)

(that's all I can fit in the driveway)