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Fwd: RE: 093 Tranny Question / Transaxle removal

Thanks Peter & Don for your replies, it sounds like I don't have enough of a 
tilt on the engine.  One other question though, why do both the Bentley and 
Haynes manuals say to remove the airbox from the car?  I did it anyway, but 
I can't figure out what it would get in the way of... ?


'81 4k/4E
'83 CGT
'85 CGT

>From: Don Muirhead <dmr@kwic.com>
>To: "'Alan Kramer'" <ackramer@hotmail.com>
>Subject: RE: 093 Tranny Question / Transaxle removal
>Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 09:59:05 -0400
>Removed 2 CGT tranny's over the past 3 years.  One was easy the other took 
>The last 2-3" is a pain and you would think somebody is on the inside 
>holding on.
>It took 2 very large men plus myself to get it off (2 hours) and almost 3 
>hours to bolt it back on just to replace a $25.00 release bearing.
>We also used a jack to level and support.  What finally did it for us was 
>to jack the front of the engine up to provide a better angle.
>Don Muirhead
>'99 A4
>'96 S6
>'86 CGT
>'86 CGT

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