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Re: 1990 200TQW Brakes Feel Weird

On June 2, 1999 I wrote,
About a week ago, I noticed a change in the feeling of the brakes
in my 1990 200 TQ wagon. Before, the brakes felt what I considered
"normal". Now as the pedal is depressed, you can feel the brakes 
grab slightly, then nothing for a while, then the brakes start to have
some effect a ways down in pedal travel. A friend with a 1991 200
took the car out for a spin and said that the braking "does not instill

I had a few friends drive the car and we all thought the problem
was the brake master cylinder. I bought a new master cylinder and
installed it over the weekend. I can now report that the car is back to 
normal and has a very firm brake pedal. The old one had no extarnal
leaks, but must have been leaking internally between the F/R circuits.
It's a straightforward, but messy job. Watch out for that sensor on the 
side of the reservoir, the 10 year old plastic is getting brittle.
Dave Lawson   Boulder, CO
1999 GMC Suburban 
1990 200 TQ Avant
1983 ur-quattro