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Just bought my Audi!


maybe some of you remember me, I was the one who took a deposit on a Audi 80
Quattro. Well, yesterday evening I bought my Audi 80 Quattro with that
lovely 5 cylinder engine (love the sound of it).

 The car is very fun to drive (especially in curves!). I am really satisfied
with it.

 Just have 2 questions:

1. Yesterday night after about an hour of drive I nearly couldn't shift. No
mater how I pushed the shifter (hope that's how you call it) easily or very
hard it didn't shift. But! Today morning I got in the car and it worked
perfectly! What could be the problem?

2. Some items from the car are missing. They are not important ones, but I
miss them, like the Audi logo from inside on the middle of the dashboard. I
think I will be able to get them from the junkyard, but I don't know exactly
how it looks. Can you tell me where can I find *detailed* pictures of the
car, especially the interior?

Thanks for the help!