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Picked up my new 95 90q this weekend

Hi all,

Just a quick note to all those that helped me out in finding a new
quattro.  The car is great having driven 600+ miles since I picked it
up.  The rural roads of NY's finger lakes region served as an excellent
familiarization time for me.  Got to run the car up to triple digits on
a couple occations and whip it through some nice smooth curves as well.
No problems as of yet and the P.O. took trully maticulous car of this
car.  Got to love that.  I looks nearly new and I bought it with 49,600
on the clock.

One thing, the system to engage the diferentials seems to be quite
different than my old 86 4kq.  Why did Audi eliminate the differential
locking system.  I knew that I would never get stuck.  Although it might
have been overkill 99% of the time, the look on the SUV owners faces
when I got up steep icey slopes in VT was amazing.  Also I know that
Audi allowed one to inactivate the ABS to compensate for gravel roads et
al.  I guess that was no longer an option in 95.

Thanks for all the wisdom and help with my purchase i'm sure I will be
calling on the group in the future.


P.S.  My 84 coupe is still sitting in the driveway.  Im in Stamford, CT
right off I95 come and get it.  But remember I wont take it back this
time if your wife hates it.  Long story better told over a glass of