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RE: engine ZAP


	The little light you are describing is the engine fault code
indicator.  This is telling you that there is some sort of electrical
malfunction occuring.  It could be anything from a bad O2 Sensor to a bad
ECU.  When the fault light goes on, it stores the code in memory.  You need
to "pull codes" as according to the Bentley Manual.  You should ask someone
with a 5000 about this.  I am only familiar with the codes for the 80/90
cars.  Pulling the codes will tell you what caused the problem.  I have
found soing this very helpful.

Mike Robinson
1988 Audi 90 quattro
183,000 + mi.
Lots of Mods, Just got dual bulb H1/H4 Euros

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> Weird high altitude anomoly, or serious problem...YOU DECIDE!
> Was up in Mammoth at high altitude (which I've done several times in
> this car).  After a few days I was coasting down a mtn and noticed a
> little dash light come on (a pic of an engine with a ZAP lighting
> thing).  This went away once I hit the throttle.
> Then it went away.
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