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Re: Car covers for type 44 cars

California Car Covers (818-998-2100) will have a custom-fit cover made for
your car in any of several different fabrics, Evolution 3 (4?) among them.
Tell them how you'll use the cover and they'll tell you what the best
fabric choice is. Their prices were the best I found for tailored covers
when I was shopping for one a year ago. If I recall correctly, I got mine
four or five weeks after ordering it. Usual disclaimers apply.

Larry Mittell

At 12:07 PM 7/6/99 -0600, Paul Meyers wrote:
>Looking for several car covers. I want to buy a nice one for use at work,
>pretty much tailored for the vehicle. The second, to keep the sun off a
>parts car, would emphasize value over fit. Your recommendations?

Larry Mittell