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RE: Just bought my Audi!

>Is there a space that is obviously for a badge?  The early dashes I've
>seen have no space.

There is the place and even found the glue...

In the meantime I tried to search for it on the web and found this pic:


Well, there isn't any plate here, but my center console differs from this
one. I have a little "door" between the shifter and the EQ (look on the
pic). It can be opened up and there is the cigar lighter and the ashtray. On
this picture the cigar lighter and the astrai is located right under the
radio, so it is not the same as mine. From outside the two cars are the

My car is special in some way. It is the last Audi 80 with the extras (power
steering, power locks, 4 speakers, plush seats). As far as I know this cars
were named Audi 90 after 1983, mine is the last one with the Audi 80 name. I
think there are some minor differences between the Europen and the American
modells, that is why you cannot help me.