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Re: Just bought my Audi!

Decsi Miklos writes:
>  And what I am looking for is a little aluminum (I think so) plate. It has
> been told to me that 'Audi' and 'Quattro' is written on it, but I am not
> sure about this. This little plate can be found just above the
> heating/cooling controls block in the middle of the dashboard. 
>  The biggest problem is that I am not sure what is written on it. As far as
> I know it is different for non quattro Audis and quattro Audis. 

The decal you mention, above the heater control panel, is a 83/84
80/4000 quattro specific item.  Non-quattros don't have such a plate.
It says "80 quattro" or "4000S quattro" depending on the country the
car is marketed for.  The later (85 and later) models with the new style
dashboard has a different plate above the glove box, and is found on
all variants (FWD and quattro, as well as Coupe).

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