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RE: Charging problems on LT1Q

R Dupree writes:
>Seems the stock Audi Alternator that I'm using on the LT-1 is not charging
>the battery.  Is there a tried and true test to determine what is bad on it?
>I just went and replaced the orignal one with a new one from Pepboys (gimme
>a break it was Saturday) and still had the same results.  According to the
>instructions that came with it there is supposed to be at least 2 volts at
>the field/sensor wire.  Can anyone confirm?Bob Dupree	84 Urq	99 LT-1Q
>	77 ProRally Colt
There is a full procedure in the Bentley manuals for diagnostics of the 
alternator system.  From memory Bob, I don't remember seeing the battery 
light with the key in the "on" position, car not started.  Could be a bad 
indicator light, could be a chopped field wire, could be a faulty ignition 
switch, could be in the fuse block, could be the dreaded battery feed wire at 
the firewall (see Scott M website).  The easiest way (Ned and I did this in 
the field... of snow.. at steamboat a couple years ago), is to remove the 
instrument panel, pull the battery bulb, and start chasing down the field 
wire connections.  The Bentley is thorough, and should get you the answer 

HTH, or just call :)

Scott Justusson