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Re: need engine fan help asap

Dan Hi,

Please try feed the fan with electric current directly from the car's
This way you can establish that the fan motor is either dear or alive.

About the thermoswitch, I think it is logical for something like it to be

Regards from Greece
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Subject: need engine fan help asap

>Victim is 1990 CQ 20v.
>NY is in the midst of our 100+ degree heat wave.
>Last week, my coolant light went on and I dscovered that the
>lower rad hose had come loose.  I attributed that to bad clamps and/or
>faulty wrenching at the last timing belt-a-thon (my fault!)
>Anyway, today the same thing happened, but this time the coolant
>was coming out...somewhere up top.  It was too hot/dangerous to look
>closely.  I waited for it to cool down and in the afternoon went out
>and got some coolant and water, put about 1/2 gal in, and watched.
>It looked OK so I drove home.  Perhaps I overfilled the last time,
>I reasoned.
>Almost home in traffic, I noticed the temp creeping up.  I pulled in,
>popped the hood, and noticed the coolant in the overflow bottle boiling.
>OK, bad mix.  Shut it off, noticed the engine fan was not coming on.
>Pulled relay, looks clean.
>Jumped 87 to 30 with fused jumper wire, nothing.
>Spun fan by hand (screwdriver), not binding.
>Anything else I should check before I get a fan?  There is a
>small device that I recall as a thermocouplersomethingorother mounted
>on the fan housing.
>I recall Paul Royal going through this less than a year ago.  Anyone else?
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