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Re: Just bought my Audi!

Ti Kan writes:
> Anyway, I have two other photos that will show you what it should look like.
> Try these two URLs:
> 	http://metalab.unc.edu/tkan/audi/audi-misc/4kqdash1.jpg
> 	http://metalab.unc.edu/tkan/audi/audi-misc/4kqdash2.jpg

I have just added one more pic:


This one is of a Euro 1983-84 80 quattro.  Note that unlike the US 4000q,
this one has manual windows (lack of window switches on the console).
Also note the downmarket radio and a "Econ" gauge in place of the
coolant temp gauge.  The "Audi 80 quattro" decal on the console is
also visible.

96 A4 2.8 quattro
84 5000S 2.1 turbo
80 4000 2.0
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