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Engine Sputtering

This probably won't help at all (since I think you don't have a 
distributor), but when I traded my 86 Coupe GT for the laptop I am writing 
this on, the day before the guy came to pick up the car, I decided, hey 
wouldn't it be great if the engine looked good for the purchaser.  So I 
cleaned it off with Gunk, and squirted it off with water, then the car ran 
horribly for about a half hour, then I shut it off for the night, and the 
next morning it wouldn't start at all, and the guy was supposd to be here 
at 10 am.  So I ran up to NAPA and got a cap and rotor.  Replaced them 
both, and the car started and didn't run quite right.  So I pulled the cap 
(which didn't fit great) and fiddled with the spring in there (connecting 
to the rotor) and got it to run pretty good.  I told the guy what I had 
done, and recommended he replace the entire ignition (it looked OE anyway, 
so I knew it couldn't hurt).  He sent me a letter about a week later, all 
pissed at how much it cost at the dealer to get replaced (No kidding), but 
he didn't have to buy the car, and I was totally up front with him about 
it.  I still wash engines before I sell a car (I have not had a problem 
with doing it on any other vehicle) but I don't get near under the hood of 
any Audi I work on or own with water except to fill the radiator (along 
with antireeze).

George Selby
78 F-150 400M, 4 on floor, 4x4
86 Audi 4000CS Quattro