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Re: my HOT HOT Quat

Andrew said,
>The single UrQ radiator conversion just doesn't cut it
on a hot day in Colorado. If I just let it do it's
thing in traffic, it runs right up to the end of the
stock coupes coolant temp gauge. This is only a hair
from an overheat condition. Same thing happens with
the AC on when I'm in heavy traffic.

I'm with Chris on this one, While Portland Maine is not a
hot day in Colorado, my single rad UrQ is doing OK
at speed during these 95%+ days. 100C max(no AC though)
I would go through the system checking for blockages and
poor circulation and of course true temp #'s.  If your that close
to overheating your fans should be coming on without you having to
force them on.
Good Luck

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