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Re: fan problem update

Dan, IMHO a trip (or phone call) the the dealer would be in order.
VW/Audi changes these plugs every few cars, it seems, and it may be hard
to come up with the right one. The housing is probably under 5 bucks and
the pushons are about a buck apiece. You've got new (non heat stressed)
components this way and the repair stands a better chance of lasting.
This is a common problem, and probably doesn't mean the thing's on the
way out.
HTH, John

Dan Simoes wrote:
> Thanks for all the suggestions.
> I will be collating them into a summary file as an example of what I'd
> like to see from a "help" list.
> This morning I went out and turned the key on, ac on, and jiggled the
> wires at the connector.  It spun.  Aha.
> Turned off the key, went to try to get the connector off.  Interesting,
> there is no connector.  It seems someone had replaced the connector with
> three individual female connectors (of low quality) and two of them had
> melted their insulating covers.
> Also, I notice that the two large ga. wires (blue,black) are stiff and somewhat
> brittle at the ends, the thinner red wire is OK.
> I'm trying to decide if I run up to the nearest junkyard to get a connector
> and splice it in, replace the individual connectors, or what.
> I'm guessing that the fact that the fan connector keeps melting means that
> a) this is a poor design or b) the fan is on its way out and is drawing
> too much current.  Thoughts?
> | Dan |
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