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Re: UrQ Hot Start - Help

Phil Payne wrote:
> a) Seriously shagged idle stabiliser valve.  Take it off the 
>  car - if you can blow through it, bin it.

This test certainly applies to this particular situation, but 
I don't think that this test is valid for all ISVs out there. 
The 7A (NA 20V) engine came with two versions. Your test will 
work for the Hitatchi unit on the early cars, though you needn't 
pitch it--see http://20v.org/engprob.htm#isv
The later cars have a Bosch ISV that will pass a slight amount 
of air at rest. A perfectly good one might fail your test. (I'm 
not sure if the default opening is enough to notice when blowing 
through it.)

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN