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FS: V8 Service Manuals for the 3.6 and 4.2 cars

Sold the V8 so I thought I would sell the manuals as well:
Item #1-V8 Service Manual-One of the now infamous group copy ordeal undertaken by a very patient Mike LaRosa.  I split it into two 3-Ring binders. A must since Robert Bentley did not make books on this car.  Hundreds of pages.
Item #2-Audi Service Training Manual #214 1992 Model Change Information-Covers all the V8 and S4 changes. 64 pages
Item #3-Audi Service Training Manual #218 Motronic Engine Management System for the Audi S4 and the 4.2 Liter Audi V8. 72 pages
Additionally, I have an extra Breather Hose for the front of the V8 engine.  Did all three and for some reason have an extra part #077-103-221-C.  I'll throw it in(worth about about $30).
Looking for $250/OBO for everything including shipping within the US.  I can even take a Visa/MC/AmEx.
-Eric Friedman
95.5 S6 (the new ride-37K pearl/black)
93 V8 4.2(sold last week with 126,500-but not quite forgotten yet)