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re New Quattro Owner

Jim Musser <jim1717@i2k.com> wrote, in part:

The (16 inch) GoodYear tires don't excite me too much. They look like
smooth road tires but do not have real aggresive tread for the snow. Do
many of you use winter tires and if so what kind. Probably no need for
snow tires for acceleration but would help in braking I would think.
Snow tires are essential in snow if one wants to have any residual
performance edge.  If not, why buy an Audi?  They improve acceleration,
braking, and cornering.  I can generally drive as if the snow is not there,
at least from the perspective of other drivers struggling along.

I think the choice of tire depends on the type of snow one drives in.  In
NH, where I live, the roads seldom have more than 3 inches of snow due to
plowing.  They do have ice, slush, and salty water, and are bare for long
periods.  For these conditions I prefer the Guardex 600, which have
microcellular foam for ice traction, and nylon strand reinforcement for good
tread life (also claimed to add microstud effects).  Instructors at the
recent Team McNeil winter driving school commented on their traction.

For deeper snow, many recommend Hakkapellita (sp) models.  I have no
experience with them.

Kirby Smith
2.5x 90q