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Sv: Performance upgrades for S6

I try'ed Wetteraauer Germany for my 200 QT 20V for a chip upgrade.
The 1990/91 200 QT 20V with Bosch Motronic have a 200 kPa boost sensor.
They send me a set for the later S4.
The S4 have a 250 kPa sensor - and the performance was unchanged.
I told  them what the reason was - but they gave up upon me and suggested
something wrong with my turbo
after 2 more chipchanges. (I used my stopwatch before / after running 2000 -
7000 rpm 3. gear)
Before chip change I got it tested on a 4-wheel test stand and performed
226.1 Hp 6250 rpm and
above the (US - rated) 217 Hp from 5.600 - 6.700.
European rating is 220 Hp and 230 for S4.
I am now running a 250 kPa sensor and 2 chips from Intended Accelerations.
They work's great.
Cut 2 sec. of my 2000 - 7000 times - and I really feel. So my be the claimed
277 Hp are there.
I have booked for a new 4-whell test 28. this month and can tell you the
exact result.
Untill that, I have just orderd a G-Tech accelerometer, sold from Summit
Racing, 139 $.
It's able to messure 0-60Mph, 1/4 mile and speed, brake distance and max Hp.
Wetterauer don't seem to me to have the knowledge of what they' are dooing.
Not in Germany.
Try Intended Accelerations and Ned Richtie.

Claus Vegener, Denmark

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Sendt: 7. juli 1999 16:50
Emne: Performance upgrades for S6

> I've got a 1995.5 S6 avant and I'm looking for streetable/daily-driver
> performance upgrades.  I'm weighing out the usual options: ECU, RS intake
> manifold, cat-back exhaust.  What is the list wisdom on what works and
> to avoid?  I've started gather information on:
> * TAP
> * Hoppen
> * Wetterauer
> I'm in Oregon and the car has about 50k miles on it.
> Thanks for your time,
> Jeff Maurer
> Applications Development Manager
> InFocus