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Re: A/C Problems? Clogged Orifice Tube?

> The same Orifice Tube was used by GM, so a replacement Orifice tube for a
> mid 80's Cadillac will work fine.

I've seen replacements for the GM parts in Pep Boys in Everett, WA.

> If your compressor has failed, and shrapnel or other metal has made it way
> from the compressor to the Orifice Tube, you may need to remove the
> condenser, muffler and high side lines to replace or flush them out, as
> additional metal will likely make its way to the Orifice tube at a later
> date. Back in the days when Freon R12 was readily available, there also was
> a freon based solvent that could be used to flush out A/C lines, condensers
> etc, but during these times, I don't know what is being used to flush out
> A/C systems.

JC Whitney have a flush kit.  It's on their web page:

http://www.jcwhitney.com/products/81zx4736x.htm#Flush & Clean