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Sv: Upgrades for S6, etc.

It is the stage III upgrade, he have an offer this year 200$ off.
My acceleration test with the original chips are not so well dokumented as
the later, where I ran test every time I saw some  stright road.
I feel, the turbo lag is more pronounced than before, where it was very
I have strenched the wastegate spring a little and preloaded with a 2 mm
It should not have much to say here but the wastegate have to open to spin
the turbo.
I don't know the exact timing

2000 - 3000 rpm may be even slower than before - but at 4000 we are equal or
even better.
But the lag is not a problem.

I have made this table:

 Original          Wett 7/6 99                   IA 29/6/99
 2000  start     (flying from 1700 rpm) (from 1700)  (from 1900)
 3000   2.44 sek      3.12    3.37          2.560        2.917
 4000   4.80            5.34     5.61         4.299        4.897
 5000   7.37            7.78     8.26         6.196        6.842
 6000   9.97          10.34   10.60         8.330        9.282
 7000 13.53          14.10  14.16        11.600      12.313

 7000 rpm = 157 km/h 3. gear

Running 4. gear 140 km/h to 200 km/h is 1 - 2 sec better.

My original chips:
>From the papers, I had expected my max torque as 308 Nm@1950 rpm but the
power and the boost are raising different to 311 Nm@2700 rpm. Slower but
higher. I therefore had the thought, my turbo was a bit warn out; but I have
later found from "before / after" performance claims from a Norwegian Audi
tuner a "before" pattern like mine.
ECU-box and chips seems to be from a S2 acording to chip manufactors. Ned
Richtie says, this is the box they use in US.

The reason for chip upgrade were a small competition from a Mag. held  an
aeroplace "Fastes car in Denmark"
My best 1/4 mile 15.11 and slalom 25 sec. Fine for an Avant. I had hoped for
snow or some rain - but we have summer now. I wasted my time testing Wett
chips and received the IA too late.
Next year I expect better. I will also lower the front and use stronger
But this should work together with the niveau regulator schoks. Not find an
solution yet.
No. 10 out of 17 in my class
I might also enhance with 75 - 100 Hp of NOS!

Claus Vegener

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Fra: James A. Desveaux <desveaux@ucla.edu>
Til: <vegener@post7.tele.dk>
Sendt: 7. juli 1999 20:16
Emne: RE: Upgrades for S6, etc.

> Claus:
> I saw your response to a lister's question on the quattro list regarding
> upgrades for his S6.  I was interested to see that you highly recommended
> Ned Ritchie.
> I have a '91 200 Q 20v turbo avant.  It has a very mild IA chip in it.
> reasonably pleased with the car, but an Audi mechanic friend strongly
> recommends the Stage III chip.
> Question:  Did you notice ANY change in LOW END torque or boost on your
> after the IA chip installation?  What about turbo lag?  Any change for
> better or worse?
> Also, when you dyno your car later this month, please, please let me know
> the results, or post them on the list.
> Thanks.
> - Jim