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Strut swap :: Audi 90 20V to CQ

Hallo Quattrofans,

I was told that 88-89 Audi 90 20V Quattro front struts will bolt onto my
85 QC no problem. The track gets a bit wider but all of the pieces
should work.

I'm still going to upgrade the brakes on my 85 CQ and can get a set of
used struts cheap!

Ok, now my question. Can the hubs be swapped, so that I can use my old
drive axles? The wheel bearings are a different number, but the outside
diameter is what matters. Does anybody have the O/D diameter of the
following wheel bearings:
443 407 625 - front wb Coupe Quattro (probably Ur-Q)
321 498 625E - front wb 4KQ
893 498 625E - front wb 90 20V Q

Many thanks in advance.