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Audi shops in and around Toronto/Mississauga

Seeing as you are in Campbellville, you are then not too far from Georgetown
were you will find the Sprongl Brothers...
http://www.fourstarmotorsports.com/ ... they might be able to help you out
as they know a thing or two about Audis.  You might also try (I assume you
don't want a dealer) Eurocars (416)621-8848 - Arthur Droszdz - they are near
Sherway Gardens Shopping Mall or EuroTech (416)255-3376 - Alan DeWolf - near
Browns Line and Horner in Etobicoke. Used them both, they seem
knowledgeable, do good work and don't overcharge.

If you are looking for an excellent source for aftermarket parts, try N&D
Automotive - (905)625-9393 - Nasser, they have the best prices that I have
found to date.  They carry OEM parts for the Audi's as well as excellent
aftermarket parts and Bosch in particular at really good prices. They are
not a performance shop, just parts.


Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ