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Cheap engine upgrade for AUDI Coupe and Audi V8.

And the mass sensor may have a messure problem if the intake is changed.
Have been recorded as a fault.

Claus Vegener

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Sendt: 7. juli 1999 22:06
Emne: Cheap engine upgrade for AUDI Coupe and Audi V8.

> Are you taking your coupe GT racing?
> If not (daily driver) then from what I've read in countless mags & lists
> (I gotta unsub to some of these!) the cone or non-paper filters might
> increase hp, but only slightly, and probably not noticeable.  We're
> talking 1 or 2 hp, not even noticeable when driving.
> In addition, they don't filter particles as well as paper (despite their
> claims) and can allow naughty bits into your engine.  (racers don't care
> because they rebuild engines all the time and have mucho dinero)
> Last, they can often bring in hot air from the engine bay, rather than
> proper cool air from outside, perhaps hurting hp.
> My opinions on them...
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