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200tqw FS: AVOID this guy!

At 01:17 PM 7/7/99 , Cindynwmn@aol.com wrote:
>Arturo,I spoke with your friend Tom & arranged for
him >to look at the Audi Wagon Fri.7/2/99. He never
showed >or even called to inform me not to waste most
of the >day waiting for him, sorry you missed a " true
stud " >at a reasonable price . An Audi technician
purchased >it after a thorough inspection and stated "
this is one of the best f...ing Audis Ive ever seen." 
>Happy motoring and best wishes. Charlie

Charlie -
I had no obligation to call you back, and your cheap
shot email makes it obvious you are having difficulty
conning someone into buying the 200tqw. By not calling
back I was able to avoid telling you the truth, as is
my nature, but you pushed the issue and will now
received your due. Let's set things straight Charlie:

1. I never set a specific time to meet with you.

2. You claim to own a successful, busy factory, yet
"wasted the day waiting..." for me. You obviously need
to sell this car more than run your "business."

3. You were shocked by the 1995 repair ticket for $585
to replace 2 front dampers and align all four wheels
-- quite normal for a $40k car which is obviously out
of your league.

4. You claim to have bought the car because your 1987
"special edition" non-turbo non-quattro 5000 with
"turbo flares" broke down, then you felt compelled to
repair it and the $2000 bill made it impossible to own
both. Rich factory owner are you?

5. Your ad in the Audifans Marketplace is misleading
-- what is the actual interior color? Mileage? # of

6. The # of previous owners suddenly jumped from 1 to
3 individuals -- and without solicitaton you expressed
amazement as to why that bothered all your previous
prospects. Reeks of used car salesman logic. Charlie,
the lie is worse than the number of owners.

7. You stated you purchased the car from a salesman
buddy at a Manhattan dealer, now it's a service tech.
Which is it? Hey, why not say it belonged to Donald

8. I failed to show up? Where??? You refused to meet
at your residence even though I flew 2000 miles to see
the car. What are you hiding -- the used car lot in
your driveway?

9. The email address you use is not yours, but you
didn't bother informing me for two days that you
weren't "Cindy," but in fact "Charlie." Does Charlie
wear dresses while online?

Charlie, you painted a very clear picture of yourself
-- a lying, evasive con-man who is curb-stoning a car.
You obviously don't respect successful, hard-working
professionals like Arturo and myself, and certainly
shouldn't attempt to scam those who are more capable
than you. You're over your head with the 200 wagon as
only a true enthusiast would own such a car.

Good luck, you'll need it!

Tom Juliani
 83 ur-q
 90 200q
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