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Motronics info

I purchased "Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management"
by Charle O. Probst / Robert Bentley Publisher
in order to know more about my ECU.
The tittle also includes:
"Includes high performance tuning"
Except for the last sentense the book is a fine repair book trying to cover
those many mountings of Bosch ECU's.
And a lot of testing and telling why about the probes.
But not a serios word about modifying the late Motronics (from QT 20V ->
Not a word about the duty of differnt chips, board layout etc
Not ECU-fault codes or how to pull them

My answer:
 Exept from SJM repair index have we other sources for knowledge on the
" Motronic Combined Ignition and Fuel-Injection System" are on back order
now -
And do anybody know this book?

Claus Vegener