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Re: Just bought my Audi! (thank you for the help) and tranny ques

Decsi Miklos writes:
> >>This one is of a Euro 1983-84 80 quattro.  Note that unlike the US 4000q,
> >>this one has manual windows (lack of window switches on the console).
> Why, power windows is standard in US 4000q (81-84)? Mine has manual windows
> too.

The 4000S quattro is offered in the US starting for the 84 model year,
and in that year, the front windows are power while the back ones are
manual crank.  All 85 and later US 4000s, including quattro and coupes
have power windows all around.

> >Also note the downmarket radio and a "Econ" gauge in place of the
> >coolant temp gauge.
> Yeah, never understood, why would anyone need an Econ gauge in a 2.2L car...
> But after I have seen one in a 3.0 Toyota Supra, I didn't surprise on
> anything. You Americans have very big cars. Do you have an Econ gauge in a
> 5.0 engine too? :-) (what next? on airplanes maybe?)

Curiously, the Econ gauge was never offered on US Audi models.  All
4000/Coupe models have a coolant temp gauge in that location.  Some UrQs
have a turbo boost gauge there instead.

> >and no AC!
> Don't tell me that Air Conditioning is standard too on a US Quattro in 84...
> I think I move to the states... (if I win on the green card lottery,
> ehhh...)

A/C is standard on just about all Audis for the US.  Even my lowly 80 4000
has it.

> Ok, the question is, is there an easy way to check the transmission fluid? I
> am interested in quantity and quality too. Looks like quantity will be
> easier (if someone tells me how to indentify if tere are enough fluid
> there), but how can I check if the fluid is good or not?

The way to do it is to remove the side filler plug on the transmission
itself, and fill it with the correct fluid until it's just about
seeping out.  You need a big 17mm hex key for this.

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