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Re: Extinction 200t20v WAS -> economics of 20v wrecking

PlyBoyDoct@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 6/30/99 1:37:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time, JShadzi@aol.com
> writes:
> > This is true, though.  The only part on your car really worth
> >  anything might have been your old motor, and that could maybe bring $500.
> >  Any wrecking yard you be lucky to break even even paying 350 for that car
> >  when other over head costs are applied.  A car like a 20v can bring in a
> lot
> >
> >  more revenue because its parts are so highly demanded.  I understand your
> >  rant, you are panicing thinking an Audi that you love may someday be
> extinct,
> >
> >  no longer available to you.  But rest assured, the depriciation Gods smile
> >  once again, and there will be plentiful A4 1.8 5v turbos ripe for the
> > picking
> >  in the low teens in only 5 or so years from now!  Relax, they are just
> cars,
> >
> >  and fortunately for us, Audi has been making them really interesting
> lately.
> >
> >  We have a 5 valve I5 to look forward to in not too long.......=)
> >  Javad
> But we still gotta look at that the 91 200tq is one  of the best made car.
> It broke the mold for Audi.  It was the Super Car of Audi that year and
> continue to leave its mark till this day.  We may have 5v I5 in the future,
> but we will lose part of the history.  Come on guys, we drive 11 year old
> cars with at least 100k miles on it.  The body style of our car doens't even
> compare to an A4 or an A8.  So why would you want to drive this car?  Because
> its a big part of history.  The spin-off for the newly designed S4.
> So I believe its a real shame that another 20v engine has been transplanted
> into a coupe or a 5k.  One day we won't have anymore 20v to transplant.
> Jason C
> 89 200t10v
> Redmond WA

     History not withstanding I like driving the  20vtq because I can put my
whole family in it, get 23-27 mpg on the highway and insure it as a 4dr sedan at
a reasonable price. My insurance agent has no idea how fast it goes at Watkins
Glen or elsewhere! Please, name another car as fast that can be insured  at a
similar cost.
    By the way, my wife drives a 99 A6, and while it is a nice looking car I
still like the old style design of my 91 20VTQ (not to mention the engine). Body
styles are a matter of personal taste- and highly irrelevant.  My wifes  car is
like  a gorgeous woman that turns heads everywhere, but get to know  her
and............ well she's not quite as gratifying.