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Re: bashing Detroit

>You and I
>have it but we've decided to be loyal to Audi's concept of what a >car 
>be, despite all of the facts that could be laid before us regarding >AoA's
>lack of loyalty to the consumer.
I disagree.  There are some new q owners here, but the list seems mostly 
concerned with older qs.  We hand pick our qs based on each cars merits.  If 
there was a particularly bad year & model out there, we'd shy away from it, 
unlike the trusting (loyal?) new car buyer.  My family gatherings used to 
look like q club gatherings.  As we've aged, many family members 
bought/leased new qs, and regretted it.  One brother claims his A6qw has 
more miles on a flatbed than under power.  Another had to take AoA to court 
to enforce the lemon law.  I've had Mitsu, Subaru, and VW AWD cars, and 
might buy a used Volvo or Merc AWD after a good look.  One of my q loving 
brothers just sold his 4Matic wagon, is looking for a replacement, but not 
necessarily a q.  We arenít so much loyal to Audi, as believe after much 
experience the q is the best used AWD car for the $ and effort.  Weíre 
enthusiasts, the type dealers hate.  We arenít easily swayed by smoke and 
mirrors or brand loyalty, definitely not PODS.

'90 200tqw
'98 Econoline lease
'96 SuperV
'57 Boeing kc135e
?? American Airlines....soon

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