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RE: Need Help deciding which Wheels

	<< Plus:  Anyone lowered a 90q20V around the 40mm from stock height
> before?  >>  
	My 88 90 Q is about 1.5 inches below sotck height which is close to
40 mm.  I am running ET37 16x7.5 MSW Superturismos with a 215/40 tire.  The
car looks great like this but i would not recommend going that low unless
you have some VERY stiff springs and firm struts.  I have the coilover setup
with 275 lb./in. springs in the rear.  This makes it very hard for the
suspension to compress enough to rub the fender; but it does not prevent it.
If I have passengers in the back seat or go over a large dip, occaisonaly i
will hear the rear rub.  Just my personal experience... HTH

	Mike Robinson
	88 90Q  ~ 0.0bar
	159413.69 Nautical Miles