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A good deal on Xenon headlight bulbs

>Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 02:48:57 EDT
>From: JordanVw@aol.com
>Subject: Re: A good deal on Xenon headlight bulbs
>In a message dated 99-07-07 21:22:46 EDT, mstocker@neo.rr.com writes:
><< These are 55/65W DOT approved 9004 bulbs that put out a
> noticeably whiter and brighter white light than
> conventional halogen bulbs.  Probably also available in
> 9005 and 9006 sizes.
>  >>
>what is the highest wattage bulb you can run without running a relay, or 
>melting wires?  (not really concerned with DOT approval)
>what about the PIAA "Super white" or "Bright white" bulbs?  are they
>than those blue tinted xenon bulbs?
>'86 5kT
>'86 5kTQ

In the past coupla years, I've gone this exact route, looking for more
light. I'd be very reluctant to put higher wattage bulbs into the DOT
headlights for two reasons: First, the combi switch and wiring is marginal
to start with, and second, assuming the wires and switch don't melt, the
plastic reflectors in the headlights will.

The first stop was simply a pair of NEW 9004 bulbs - that helped a little.
Second stop was a pair of Wagner "Brite-Lite" 9004 bulbs (a little tough to
find sometimes, but worth the effort) - noticeable difference, but the
lights still were not much to shout about.

Short of the Eurolight conversion (which is THE CURE for crappy DOT
lights), do the relay conversion. This takes about three hours working
slowly, and when you finally do go to the Euros, most of the work will
already be done.

I finally bit the bullet and did the Eurolights and relays, and friends,

Best Regards,

Mike Arman