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WTB: 86-87 4kq from a no salt/no rust area

The search is on for a base 4kq chassis for a friend.  The car will be
modified and enjoyed heavily over the few years.  Long term plans for the
car require a solid chassis to build on.  Prefer a car from a no/low
salt/rust area of the USA.

Primary requirements:
*Car _must_ be able to be driven home to NH,
*1986 or 1987 model year (1985 was too much of a transition period wiring
*White exterior in better than average condition,
*Black heated leather or quattro logo interior in good condition.

Other preferences:
*Mileage isn't a high concern, but the lower the better,
*Suspension, brakes, tires, lights, exhaust enough to get home, the
coilovers and euro lights will be waiting,
*Preferably enough motor and clutch to last until the following summer's MC
*Some maintenance history...

Looking in the $2000 range, but price is negotiable for the right car.

So if you're from a no rust area (AZ, NM, CO, CA etc) and have a line on
such a car, please drop me a line.

Stott Hare
85 Callaway 4ktq
84 4ktq (MC conversion in progress)