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RE: CTTC Experience, First time driver (long)

> > ... see, it can even create life long memories for those who aren't even
> in
> > the car ... :-)
> > 
> :)  You know, as hard as I try, even at work I get a bad rap.  NOBODY
> wants to get in a car with my, yet none of them have been in there
> before.  Go figure. Im actually good with people in the car and on
> hiways, I only have fun in the proper places at the proper times,
> really! 
> (but look out those other times!)
... I can definitely vouch for Bob in that respect ... I gave him the keys
to the V8 once when he was in town and he didn't have nearly the amount of
fun he could easily have.  I just will never forget that story about when
you were in the flying ur-q ... and as I recall you were actually the
passenger/navigator ...

I'll ride with you in a car any time Bob ... especially if I get to pick the
car you're taking ... ;-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
... who has also gotten comments on driving style over the years ...