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what to buy...

Ok...I need some more advice but first a correction...I didn't get the
HRE's, I got the Fikse's FM10 17x7.5 black anodized center with polished
lip.  Ok.  Now springs.  What do I want Eibach?  Who else?  Shocks.  What do
I want?  What are the differences between the KONI's and the Bilstiens?  Is
there a general consensus on which is better?  Next, brake pads.  What do I
want  I don't drive crazy let's just say that I drive...spirited, yes that's
a good word.  I want good grip and low dust. Pagid?  Next, if I should
decide to do redo the clutch, what's out there?  Sach's, who else...any
96 A4q