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Yep, another AC quandary

Hey Audi-its.....a problem has arisen in my AC system that has happened twice so
far in my '93 90CS.  Basically, get in, turn on car, hit Auto, AC indicator
lights up for 2 seconds, then shuts off.....no AC!  Hit button
again....nothing.....swear at it....hit it again, nothing!.......get to
destination, turn off car, come back, car on, hit Auto....wala....it works!  My
first thought when it didn't come on was the fuse, or the compressor, but the
system itself blows ice cold when it works, so what gives?  Any ideas?

It's getting hotter in CA and I don't want to get stuck without some "cooool"

Thanks for your suggestions,

-Bob Beach, San Jose, CA