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RE: Can 4/5kq locking diff replace Torsen in 80q?

what what you describe, the torsen sounds like it's munted.  there is very
little experience of munted torsens on the list, as this affliction seems to
be very rare.  imo, there should not be that amount of axial play in the
unit.  as the side gears are joined by the spider gears, total axial play is
a combination of all the thrust and gear interface surfaces.  to get that
much play/wear, i would suspect one of the side gear thrust washers has
detonated, or one of the radial shafts holding the spider gears has
excessive wear.  perhaps due to bad lubrication.  what were your fluid
levels like when you removed the transmission?  did you have a fluid leak?
did you find anything suggesting excessive gear/thrust washer wear when you
removed the torsen?

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
'88 mb 2.3-16

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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 12:03:07 -0400
From: "Avram Dorfman" <dorfman@est.org>
Subject: Can 4/5kq locking diff replace Torsen in 80q?

Does anyone out there know if it is possible (and relatively easy) to put
the locking diff from a 4000 quattro in as a replacement to the Torsen in an

For those who have followed my other emails, my brother and I are replacing
the synchros in his 80q. That is going well, but we also have a problem with
about 1/2 second of "slack" in the drivetrain on acceleration before a big
"clunk" and then finally actual acceleration.

One suggestion seems to be that the torsen is worn out. Car has 150k miles
on it. We have the torsen out, and there's 1-2cm of "play" in the rear drive
flange (measured at the outer edge of the flange circumference). Does anyone
know how much play there should be on a good torsen? I would imagine zero,
or like <1mm, but I'm just guessing.


Any help would be appreciated!

- -Avram