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Re: bashing Detroit

>would a 5k (my hopefully solid winter car) survive hitting a
_big_ cow, and it rolling over the hood/fender against/off the windshield?

I'm in my current car after hitting deer at 80mph in two successive synchro 
wagons.  Both cars survived quite well, but the cam pulleys were jammed back 
against the valve covers, and both were totalled by cooperative assessors.  
My 200, like your Caprice, has more metal in front of the engine, but not 
near as much.  I did see just about every sort of car in Darwin, Australia, 
with "roo bars", much sturdier than our brush guards.  The tops were 
supported by heavy tubing entering the wheel wells and attached to something 
secure.  Extra grating and tubing in front of the wipers catches the smaller 
parts that make it past the 2" square tubing of the roo bars.  Sort of 
impairs the euro-sleekness a bit, but what fun!  Plenty of mounting points 
for aux lights, deer whistles, vanity plates.  Perhaps we could get a volume 

'90 200tqw
'98 Econoline lease
'96 SuperV
'57 Boeing kc135e
??  American Airlines...soon

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