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Re: Anyone know anything about Air Compressors (No Audi Contnet)

    Most air tools will spec a minimum air flow for operation. That
particular compressor sounds a little weak, probably a single stage, but ok
for the $.
If your only going to use an impact wrench or do some light die grinding
this should suffice.

Tom Nestor

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From: Robinson, Michael/SFO <mrobinso@ch2m.com>
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Sent: Thursday, July 08, 1999 6:36 PM
Subject: Anyone know anything about Air Compressors (No Audi Contnet)

> I was looking at a Sears ad in the San Jose Mercury News today and saw
> advertising some Air Compressors for tools.  The one I am looking at is
> hp, 25 gallon tank, and delivers 8.6/6.4 SFCM @ 40/90 PSI.  It is $299.99.
> Is this a decent value?  Is there enough CFM to keep the tools going?  I
> don't know much about these things but i am very interested in getting
> Actually, the value is not what i am going for.  I am wondering if this
> thing is quality enough to be used for doing work on Audis.  I would
> appreciater any help.
> Mike Robinson
> San Jose, CA
> 88 90Q ~0.0 bar
> 1,474,000 Furlongs